Honey & Co. in London Reviewed

Having heard many great things (through word of mouth and in the media) about Honey & Co. it was inevitable that I would have to get myself down there to taste this award winning and delectable food from the Middle East.
Heading in for breakfast, the staff were really welcoming into the cosy (it seats about 20) little café/restaurant. It is situated in W1 between Warren Street and Great Portland Street tube stations, very close to Fitzroy Square. At 8am on a Tuesday morning, the crowds had already began to flock  proving just how popular the quaint location has become over the last year and seven months. 12 years in the making, Honey & Co. is the brainchild of married couple Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich. Both are chefs who have been baking and cooking since the age of five and wanted to bring the food that they grew up on in the Middle East to the UK. They say "it is a labour of nothing but love and an extension of our home". The décor is very cute and homely and I can only imagine that this little taste of Israel turns into a place that my friends and I would absolutely love at night. 
Sitting down and browsing the extensive breakfast menu, both my friend and I chose the delicious baked flat bread, with yogurt sauce topped with spinach, egg and herb. Absolutely incredible - the flat bread was fresh and the eggs and spinach simply complimented the doughy goodness. Not to be served alone, cherry tomatoes and olives accompanied the meal. Feeling a little greedy, we ordered the Merguese sausage roll as an additional to share which was equally as tasty. Accompanied by an OJ and some water, this is up there as one of my new and favourite breakfast haunts and I have to concur with the chefs, this is definitely a place that is both loving and homely.
The menu is reasonably priced, you can find a list of prices for breakfast in the menu above (I would estimate roughly £10 per head) or check out their website for lunch and dinner. An absolute must in the heart of London.
Address: 25a Warren Street, London W1T 5LZ
Website: http://honeyandco.co.uk/


Guest Edit by Soph - Clutch Chicken in London Reviewed

Clutch is situated on Ravenscroft Street, just behind London's favourite flower market on Columbia Road. The sleek and stylish monochrome decor is designed by Christina Fallah and frankly worth a visit for the interior alone. With its gold mirrored tables, striking glass lampshades and humorous toilet door signs, beware of the cock and hen house, this “guilt free” chicken offering is a long way from the rough-around-the-edges old boozer which used to sit here.
The menu features chicken in several which ways, breast, drum, wing, the lot. A simple affair but there’s plenty to suit all chicken fans, non bone lovers too. It is ethically sourced from a free range farm in Wiltshire and cooked in groundnut oil, hence the "guilt free" tag. The menu offers half or whole buckets of chicken, naturally we went for whole, actually two whole buckets because we had to be sure we’d sampled a sufficient amount you understand.
My particular favourite was the sweet soy & garlic; sticky dark, sweet and succulent but the peppery buttermilk was also excellent. The chicken, especially the curry leaf and sesame “Love Me Tenders,” were well cooked and not at all dry. Sides named "side pecks" adorned the table, there are several musts here: beets with parsley pistachio pesto & mozzarella, a mouth full but not for long...plus stuffing, twice fried fries and the absolute essential, Clutch’s signature gravy.
The “clutchtails,” aka cocktails, were delicious. We sampled a special called Frisky Fool consisting of whiskey, apricot syrup and almond bitters, which frankly tasted like Christmas in a cup! Plus The Basil Buckeye, a gin and basil concoction with a much fresher flavour. The 90's R'n'B hip hop soundtrack certainly got us in the mood for some finger licking goodness.
Rumour has it Friday and Saturday evenings get fairly lively in the bar area, which is separated by an open kitchen. I'll certainly be heading back to find out. All in all, clucking great. Price wise, the venue is very reasonable, a half a bucket of chicken is £11 and a full bucket is £21. Tails are charged at £9.
Address: 4 Ravenscroft Street, London, E2 7QG

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What to Expect from Radley London in A/W 14

Excited to see the new collection of gorgeous leather goods from Radley London, I popped along to their press day and as well as falling in love with several (many) bags, I even met Monty the Radley dog!

The  theme for the new collection is London as each product/line is named after different areas of the city including Aldgate, Grosvenor and Bloomsbury. Playing on the theme in Autumn, the floors were lined with brown crisp leaves and bags were presented in, around and on bikes, a red post box and a traditionally British red telephone box. Walking around with a glass of champagne we enjoyed looking at some beautiful bags in all different shapes and sizes. Colours for the season include ruby (my favourite), sky blue, navy, hot pink and ivory and there is even a special bird print range. Enjoy a sneak peak of what to expect next season here. My favourite - the Aldgate bags, two of which are pictured individually below.

And here's MONTY ...

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