The Beauty Project at Selfridges

The 1st of May marked the launch of one of the biggest beauty projects in the world - The Selfridges Beauty Project. As of the 1st of May and running until 12th of June, across all Selfridges stores and online, customers will be provided with extraordinary beauty-related experiences.
On the morning of the launch I took an exclusive tour of the London branch before the store opened to the world to see just what was going on in one of my favourite department stores in the world. Starting at the bottom of the store we observed The Salon - a lovely pink and black designed space that was created based on the concept of French literary and philosophical gatherings popular during the 17th and 18th centuries. The space is designed to imitate that and will be a host to many beauty debates and other forms of beauty related entertainment. Over the course of the six weeks, over 100 speakers and experts will take to the stage in The Salon to tackle key questions such as the History of Beauty and Ugliness and How to Look Good at 100. Beauty guru Sali Hughes will be a huge contributor to some of the talks and other experts include GQ Editor Dylan Jones, the incredible make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury, plastic surgery artist Orlan and interior designer Nicky Haslam. The Salon which has been organised through an exclusive collaboration with beauty brand Dove, brings its considerable understanding of women and their relationship with beauty and body image to bear through weekly day-long curated discussions and workshops. 
Other exciting additions to the the department store include a series of services/treatments that are designed to beautify you including The Fragrance Lab where you can create your own bespoke fragrance, The Travel Shop where you will find all your desired beauty necessities available in travel size and The Tattoo and Piercing Parlour where you can get yourself a temporary henna tattoo from Henna by Pavan (the world's fastest henna artist) or a specially commissioned one from one of the fashion brands including Marc Jacobs and Topshop. 
There is also The Face Gym where you can invest in a little gym experience designed specifically for the face helping you minimise the ageing process (there will be another post on this later with the specifics) and you can take a visit to Beauty and the Feast at Selfridges' Food Halls where their Food Buyers have sourced the best brands and produce to provide customers with edible solutions to their beauty and well-being ambitions. All the food there is good for you and will help you in taking serious control of your diet in order to stay pretty and healthy for longer.

As I walked around the store I was especially pleased to see the MAC Lips area that has been solely created for customers who want to focus and buy for their lips - Every shade a girl could ever need in one small department. I also LOVED the super chic Christian Dior installation which is situated in the central area of the store and will be there for two weeks before Chanel takes over and I dream of the Selfridges Love Walkway as it is like walking down the longest hallway surrounded by all things beauty that look good enough to eat! 
Online you will see the beauty debates explored and encouraged through Selfridges's social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #beautyproject. In addition to this Selfridges have an exclusive partnership with Google+ making The Beauty Project accessible to everyone, anywhere in the world. Key debates and talks throughout the six week run will be hosted by a Vlogger and streamed to the world via Google+ Hangouts. The partnership with Google+ continues in-store through Google+ Photos in the in-store Google+ Booth. Customers can have their photo taken to feature as part of the "Hello Beautiful" advertising campaign to appear in a Selfridges' Oxford Street window, on or to share with friends and family on their own social networks using #beautyproject. Get yourself involved now!

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