The Scent of the Ballet by Penhaligon's

A video that needed to be shared - The Scent of the Ballet by Penhaligons that was created to celebrate the launch of the new fragrance Iris Prima. The fragrance will be available at Penhaligon's boutiques and online from the 9th September.

Enjoy xoxo


Concoction Couture Haircare Launches Exclusively at Selfridges

Last week saw the launch of Concoction Couture Haircare exclusively at Selfridges, a new brand providing salon quality hair products that  is also the brand child of former Apprentice contestant Alex Epstein. Basically in short it is a super cool and unique way of purchasing your haircare products that cater to your tresses needs where YOU call the shots.
The basic concept is you choose a shampoo with a base blend fragrance of which there are four gorgeous scents (Black Pepper and Citrus, Lemon and Verbena, Rosemary and Mint and then my favourite Bakhour) and you then choose two Superserum Shots of which there are eight available (Beautiful Brunette, Turn Up The Volume, High-Definition Blonde, Ravishing Red, Back To Your Roots, Curl Me Up, Thermo-Straight and Gimme More Moisture) that are designed to add a formula that gives your hair exactly what it needs. You crack the shots, add them to your base blend fragranced shampoo and you have then concocted yourself your perfect 'shampyou'. A genius idea and one that really helps your hair, and actually works. 
Following my consultation with one of the lab experts at the 'pop-up' counter currently sitting in Selfridges by MAC (it takes up permenant residency in the beauty hall in just over a week) I decided to pick the Bakhour base blend fragranced shampoo base because I fell in love with the scent and then I chose the Beautiful Brunette and Gimme More Moisure shots because my brunette hair desires more moisture. Add the Cashmere and White Lily Crème de Concoction conditioner that is designed to hydrate, nourish and protect natural or coloured hair and you have yourself a great set of products. After using both the shampoo and conditioner for the last week I am pleased to say I notice a difference, my hair looks shinier and feels healthy.
Head down to Selfridges or have a look online to see/test/have fun with the products yourself. The shampoo inclusive with shots is £14 and the conditioner is £16.  

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