A Must-Have Beauty Tool - The Clarisonic Mia 2

Last week Clarisonic hosted a wonderful little shindig at The Basement Bar in Soho House to launch a new and fantastic little addition to the their range called the Mia 2.

Speaking on behalf of Clarisonic was the lovely make-up artist Daniel Sandler offering tips and a guide on how to use the new product, highlighting its benefits. After using it on his clients for the past six years he is definitely in a position to judge and thus I listen intently.
So what does it do? The Clarisonic Mia 2, like the first Mia in the family cleanses your skin, but unlike a cleanse you would do at home, the electronic device works six times better than your hands can. Taking the appliance to your face you gently move the device around with a cleansing cream of choice and enjoy the little brush massaging your skin, removing all the impurities from your pores and leaving it clean and fresh. The difference between the Mia and the Mia 2 is that the Mia 2 comes with an extra speed setting which leaves you the choice of whether you would like a quick cleanse or slower one working to what is most comfortable for you. A little bonus comes in the form of a timer keeping you in check during that important beauty regime. It is called the One-Minute Pulsing T-timer and it provides two twenty second intervals and one ten, alerting you to when it is time to work on another section of your face. Absolutely genius.
Keen to put this to the test I have been using it for the last week and I can definitely say that I have become attached. As a beauty blogger I am always trying so many different cleansers and moisturisers but being able to use this as an applicator has made cleansing far quicker and easier - especially on a morning. My skin feels fresher, cleaner and I feel a lot more alert in the morning. As advised by Daniel, you can use it in the shower to save time but I can honestly say the extra minute I lose of sleep on a morning in order to fit this in my morning is totally worth it.

The Clarisonic Mia 2 is available exclusively at Space NK retailing at £130 now and nationwide from December.


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