Interview with the Gorgeous Portia Freeman

This week the gorgeous model Portia Freeman unveiled the Coutts London Fashion Week window to celebrate the support from the brand to Fashion Forward designers Peter Pilotto and Todd Lynn. The window display features bespoke dresses designed by both Peter and Todd for Coutts, and will feature a TV screen that will stream the London Fashion Week shows live! Catching up with Portia, here is what she had to say ...

Why is it important to support young designers?
In fashion there are these massive powerhouse brands like Chanel and Gucci who create amazing collections and are internationally known, and I think it’s hard for a burgeoning brands and young designers to get noticed sometimes. Hannah Marshall has made a great impact and created a space for herself amongst the other big names. Anything I can do to help these talents make a name for themselves I am happy to. It’s great that Peter Pilotto and Todd Lynn have Coutts and the British Fashion Council backing them financially, and if I can help raise awareness and bring more exposure then I’m in.

What’s special about London as a fashion capital? How is it different to New York, Milan and Paris?
I mean this in the best possible way, but London fashion is much more shabby chic than other places! I think London style is far more eccentric and eclectic than anywhere else, it’s carefree and people really go for it! I think London is the best place for young designers as it’s the most accepting, New York, Paris and Milan are much more difficult to crack and not so welcoming to new designers I think. The British Fashion Council are so supportive, giving young talent a platform through these initiatives like Fashion Forward that Coutts has sponsored.

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