A Razor Smooth Summer

This month I ventured to Covent Garden for Bic Soleil’s colourful ‘Just Live Your Summer’ campaign launch hosted by the gorgeous Emma Willis. We were treated to fish pedicures, mini zumba classes, delectable canapés and razor inspired cocktails.
The new campaign encourages women across the country to inject some ‘joie de vivre’ into their everyday lives by trying something new this summer. Personally my aim at the beginning of summer was to try my first European festival and I will end my summer with success, following a very festive seven day experience in Croatia at The Garden Festival in July.
Back to the party I made my way through the colourful stands showcasing each individual razor, and with so many colourful ones to choose from it is difficult to know which one to pick. Like most girls, I tend to invest in the prettiest razor that will look cute in my bathroom but what I didn’t think about is that each razor has its individual benefits. There is the Miss Soleil collection where razors have a non-slip grip and a pivoting handle. They are pink and designed for the active girl. The Soleil Bella collection is blue with pivoting heads on each razor with coconut milk. The Bic Soleil Scent collection speaks for itself, and the Bic Soleil Lady Woman collection offers a silky shave with its soothing Aloe Vera and nourishing Vitamin E head for sensitive skin.
As my preference is shaving over waxing (due to the fear of immense pain) I test them all and prefer the Miss Soleil collection. It’s pretty and pink, and gave me the closest shave leaving my pins silky smooth for the night ahead.
At the party Emma schmoozed through the crowd of beauty journalists, shortly before nervously testing a fish pedicure while joking about going into labour early due to idea of having her feet eating by fish. I have to agree, the idea sickens me too. However after my brave attempt of placing my hand in the fish tank first, I went in with my feet and left with the softest tootsies ever.

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