London Fashion Week Day One - Switch │ On

My adventures on the week days during fashion week are limited due to long hours in my insider job - so I start my fashion week adventures with a screening at the new W Hotel in Leicester Square, London. The hotel is modern, plush and stylish. I have to say I like it a lot, I miss Los Angeles, and New York and the bar as well as the hotel’s interior has a distinct American feel. On my arrival to the W I was escorted to the first floor where a small screening room sits short of the bar. It is fantastic, I immediately imagined hiring the screening room for my personal Birthday celebration with some classic films. Breakfast at Tiffany’s would be played for sure. Back to the present, I am there to see On│Off (supporters of amazing designers such as Mark Fast,  Hannah Marshall and Gareth Pugh) launch a unique collaboration with Tuuli, a film called Switch │ On directed by the incredible Rankin. This four minute fashion film expertly showcases some of the most unique and extraordinary designs by carefully selected designers, including Bronwen Marshall, Charlie Le Mindu, Falguni & Shane Peacock, Hasan Hejaziand Lee Lapthorne. Using fantastic camera techniques Rankin brings the clothes and models to life with the help of some great lighting, make-up and lasers. Completely encapsulating with powerful cool music. I loved the model in the mask. What an edge. Follow the link to watch the film at here.

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