London Fashion Week A/W11 Day Five - Harrods Shoe Salon Launch

Shoecitment hit me on the last night of London Fashion Week as I prepared to put my best foot forward to the world’s leading department store, Harrods for the launch of the Shoe Salon. Suspense was built as we waited at the entrance of the store for the 9pm start. Again I arrive early.
Heading up the escalators we were offered two tokens to immerse ourselves in the games at the party. I am intrigued. Walking further in we were greeted and muted by all the designer shoes you could dream of in the world; Louboutin, Choo, Miu Miu, Geiger, YSL, Gina and Charlotte Olympia (my new favourite) to name a few. Picking up a cocktail I head towards the walls of shoes in awe and consider to myself how many cocktails I would need before I started to swipe my credit card. The first game steals my concentration and I have a rod in my hand trying to snag a floating shoe with a gold star. I have been too many a fashion party and in previous experience photo booths were known as the party ‘x factor’, but now I am showing my appreciation for games since tonight’s event and Mulberry’s earlier that week. I win a gold star and now hold a 20% voucher off my next pair of party pumps purchased in the Shoe Salon. No persuasion needed anymore. I seek some shoes like all the other guests including the stunning Rosamund Pike, Cara Delvigne, Pixie Geldof and George Lamb.
We dine on sushi and shoe cupcakes and I catch a few words with Rosamund Pike wearing some unbelievably cool McQueen shoes. Pike labelled Nicholas Kirkwood, Christian Louboutin and Alexander McQueen in her top three of shoe designers. Superb taste and likewise, I concur even if I did leave the party with Charlotte Olympia in mind. I hunt the other game out to find hoop a shoe. Three hoops, three shoes and the aim to hoop a shoe completely. I miss the cut and am upset for a moment until another shoe cupcake floats my way. The party starts to get a little louder and Florrie and The Voguettes take to the stage to perform what concludes to be a great set. The band ooze cool, Florrie looks gorgeous and their electro-pop style get the crowd excited. I love it. Fashionistas all gather round to enjoy, and the evening slowly comes to a close. I dream of shoes all night and advise all to visit the salon.

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