A Fragrant Day

The last 11 days have been possibly the busiest days of my life, but thankfully also the best. It began with The Perfume Shop afternoon tea press day at The Haymarket Hotel. Excellent location, the hotel is quirky and sophisticated.

Heading to The Shooting Gallery I was greeted by one of the lovely girls from The Perfume Shop's head office called Rebecca who took me on a walking tour of the gallery filled with fragrances. The best scents in the world all in one room and laid out according to smell and colour. The first table I was shown to was orange which represented all the fruity scents available. As one of my favourite scents, I welcomed every beautiful bottle she showed me, including the original Marc Jacobs Daisy (50ml, £44.50), Boss Orange for her (30ml, £26.50 and new self-titled fragrance Jimmy Choo (40ml, £38.50).
At this point I smelt amazing and wandered how many more fragrances I could test on my body before I smelt like an actual perfumery. Next stop is the pink table, my actual favourite smell - floral. Everything smelt as beautiful and as I did on my departure. Jean Paul Gaultier Classique (50ml, £44.99), Calvin Klein Beauty (30ml, £34.50), Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh (75ml, £47.50) that was released into store yesterday and Issey Miyake Florale for her (25ml, £33) that launches in March top my list.
Continuing on my tour of fragrance tables we hit the brown table with all the gourmand scents you could wish for, including the chocolaty Angel by Thierry Mugler (25ml, £39.99) for an acquired taste, vanilla fragrances like Carolina Herrera's 212 VIP (30ml, £29.99) and coconut scents like Jennifer Lopez's new venture Love and Glamour (30ml, £15.99). Felt peckish by that point so could no longer resist the delicious afternoon tea. Mini sandwiches with chicken to fish fillings, Victoria sponge slices, big cupcakes and scones with clotted cream. A diet is ruined. I eat a strawberry to feel like I have a balanced diet.
The green table represented fresh fragrances with aromatic aromas. This represented most male fragrances including Paco Rabanne One Million for him (50ml, £34.99), one of the biggest sellers of all time with its top notes of fresh fruits and peppermint, and Davidoff Cool Water for him (40ml, £21.50) with lavender notes. Father's day is not that far off girls.
Finally I end my round table testing with the blue table. The orient table, my least favourite of smells, however I was pleasantly surprised with some of the fragrances on offer.  Vera Wang's Anniversary (50ml, £53.50) is lovely with notes of amber that launches on 6th March and Dannii Minogue and Tabitha Somerset-Webb's Project D (50ml, £33.50) has been a favourite of mine since its launch.
I head for a quick chat with Lewis Peacock, P&G fragrance expert to get some info about the trio of Lacoste fragrances launching simultaneously. Three colours and three scents, the first Blanc, the second Bleu and the third Vert. Quite simply there is a different scent to capture his every mood. The Blanc fragrance is pure, clean and elegant, the Bleu fragrance is powerful and cool and the Vert fragrance is fresh an relaxed for the outdoors type. 
At this point I was feeling a little heady and quickly made my way around the final few tables that hosted a further few scents including this years summer scents like the gorgeous Armani Code Summer for him and her (both 75ml, £41.50) and DKNY Woman for her (100ml, £330) which are all available from 4th April.

My fragrance wish list just got a little, but really a lot bigger.

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