Beauty: Maybelline’s Girls Night In

New York make-up brand Maybelline hosted a festive soiree on Tuesday evening at trendy Soho House in London to celebrate the launch of the new calendar. An evening that served up Maybelline treats, manicures, some of the best canapés I have ever tasted with champagne cocktails and music spun by the coolest of cool.
The event spread across two rooms and enclosed a pretty Christmas tree with exciting goody bags that sat underneath, Maybelline quirky puzzle pieces and testing stands of new products, including the Maybelline One by One Volume Express mascara. Express manicures were taking place in one corner of the bar room on the sofas by top freelance nail professionals with catwalk and photo shoot experience, while in the other corner, next to the bar sat the best idea I have seen. A pick ‘n’ mix of candy and Maybelline make-up. Genius. While the bottom containers housed candy necklaces and cola bottles, the top containers were filled with mascaras, nail varnishes, lip glosses, lipsticks and eye shadows. Highlights included the colorful eye shadows in deep and bright blue, and the mascara’s that would empty as soon as someone behind the pick ‘n’ mix replenished them.
Henry Holland span the decks and towards the end of the evening Christmas songs over powered the party and everyone was jolly! Santa was supposed to arrive to give away goodies but instead they were delivered by the gorgeous George Lamb. Champagne and raspberry cocktails dressed the bar, followed by Tom Collins and Cosmo’s that dotted in and out of the canapé stands that included mini chipolatas, mini tuna nicoise salads and mini cheese burgers. The perfect festive girly evening.

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