Belle's Treatment of the Week: Body Smooth & Firm

So, I am starting a new piece, a weekly one that involves trying and testing the best beauty and hair treatments, and body reinvention techniques.

To kick start my weekly piece I headed to the popular and esteemed spa Beauty Works West in trendy Notting Hill, London. This Christmas they are offering ‘must have’ combined beauty treatments, which include the delightful products for you to take home and continue using in your beauty regime.

There are three packages available, the Body Smooth & Firm, the Natural Beauty and the Mind, Boy and Soul. In light of the pending Christmas party season, I choose to make my body beautiful and dive head first for the Body Smooth & Firm. A combination that begins with a full body scrub using a Gold Sugar Scrub by Omorovicza, followed by a massage using Omorovicza Firming Body Oil.

I head into the quaint and uber-stylish neighbourhood of Notting Hill on a Saturday through Westbourne Grove to the chic and stylish spa, Beauty Works West that sits in Lambton Place next to the Body Works West gym. Welcomed by the polite receptionists, the spa is modern, with a sense of sophistication. My therapist is Dee-Dee Samuels, an experienced therapist to clients that have included the gorgeous Jessica Alba. She also works in the film industry which provides talking points as we chat through the treatment about film festivals, the amazing film, The Social Network and the Internet, as well as the health benefits of exercise and healthy eating. Eight glasses of water a day and regular stretching can work wonders on your body. She is delightfully charming and happy to talk me through all the treatments.

Walking into an intimate beauty room with a heated massage table and the entire basic beauty spa requirements, the music is soothing and relaxing. I undress to my underwear, choosing to protect my modesty (this is optional depending on your choice) and am covered with pre-heated towels. At this point I am relaxed. Dee-Dee began the body scrub treatment by stroking the scrub on each leg one at a time and so on with each arm and then my stomach, covering the post scrubbed limb with the warm towels. The treatment is designed to smooth, saturate moisture and exfoliate your skin. In gentle sweeping motions the scrubs is be applied with minimal pressure. Dee-Dee explained the Omorovicza sugar scrub combines minerals that penetrate through the epidermis (top layer of the skin) and the dermis (under layer of your skin), something that other scrubs do not as most sit on top. Removing the scrub, Dee-Dee used warm flannels that left me feeling comfortable and completely clean. Taking each leg, each arm and my stomach as applied.

Following the body scrub, Dee-Dee asked me to lay on my front as she began to massage my neck, shoulders and back, having asked which part of my body I would like the main focus to be on and what my desired pressure would be. For me my personal wish is for a deep pressured massage as I have a slight tendency to work all hours of the day in front of a computer in a slouched position. My knots come in hundreds and as Dee-Dee points out, the bottom of your back and your stomach should be the areas of your body that you use to support yourself when sitting and standing, rather than using your shoulders and upper back. Excellent advice and something I am still working on and plan to for the future, reducing my risk of back problems. Using the Omorovicza firming body oil I am massaged into a sleepy bliss that completely relaxes me. Starting from my back, Dee-Dee moved on to massage my arms, hands, the back of my legs, the front of them, my stomach and the top of my chest. My skin feels like it is fresh, clean and it is glowing.

As I wonder through Notting Hill stopping at the Twenty 8 Twelve sample sale and Portobello Market I feel complete bliss and slightly fatigued. By the time I arrive home I fall into a peaceful sleep and wake in time for a lovely evening with friends. I also feel healthy, I have the determination to eat healthier and drink more water. The Body Smooth and Firm package is one I would definitely recommend as a gift for a loved one this Christmas or a pampering treat for you. As well as your body beauty benefit, your visit can combine a mini shopping trip and a light lunch. Today my skin still feels smooth and firm and the products earn a place in my weekly beauty regime of treating my body.

The Holiday Gift Spa packages are available to purchase online at Beauty Works West costing £150 which includes the treatments and full size products. Spa packages are available to use from the beginning of January 2011 at Beauty Works West, 8-9 Lambton Place, Notting Hill, London, W11 2SH.

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