Belle’s Treatment of the Week: The Blow Dry

This week I tried and tested a blow dry at the Hershesons Blow Dry bar in Topshop, Oxford Circus, London and it was the best blow dry I have ever had. The blow dry bar in Topshop is a mini hair salon that offers 10 blow dry options to create hair styles including the popular 'Sienna' look of wavy curls known as The Wavy Gravy and the bohemian plaits known as The Carlam to name a few. I opt for something a little different, something I have been unsuccessful in trying to create over and over again – The coveted Bardot. For some reason no matter how hard I try cannot get the hang of backcombing.

The Hershesons blow dry bar prides itself on creating fantastic hair styles within just 30 minutes so I am eager to see this happen due to my home styling time quota of approx one hour.
I arrive at the hair salon and request advice on which blow dry I should choose even though I had kind of already made my mind up. In fairness I was torn between The Bardot and The Carlam, but my stylist said The Carlam is for a casual boho look and I was off out to Camden that evening. I stick with the Bardot which my stylist advised was best created on dirty hair. Instead of washing my hair she got straight to work sectioning it into three sections at the top of my head. Very quickly my stylist backcombed each section with a fine tooth comb commenting on how easy it was backcomb (I wish I knew this before). Sectioning my hair through the back my stylist backcombed each of those sections too, so quickly that two minutes later my hair looked like a rather large afro. At this point I was nervous but also felt like I was backstage at a catwalk.

Next my stylist took one side of my hair twisting it in to fasten it at the back, followed by the other while keeping the bouffant at the top big. She fastened the hair with clips and I was ready to go. It literally took 15 minutes. The fastest and best blow dry I have ever had. From the side I looked like a 50’s fashion icon and from the front Audrey Hepburn (obviously hair style alone).

Pre-drinks began at mine and my hair got so many compliments that I could not pass it off as my own work. A Hershesons blow dry is something I would definitely recommend for a quick hair make-over, especially on a Saturday, or maybe New Years Eve? £24 and done in 30 minutes. Amazing. There are Hershesons blow dry bars in Topshop, Oxford Circus, Westfield The Village in White City and One New Change, St Pauls, London. Visit the website for further information and to make an appointment.

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