L’Wren Scott Launches Make-Up Collection with Lancôme

Another fantastic collaboration to invest in this Christmas arrives to a high street near you! Be it a chic gift for a girlfriend or a gift for you there is something to suit. L’Wren Scott has combined her talents of design and her eye for colour, with Lancôme’s wonderfully charming and talented Artistic Director, Aaron De Mey to create the Lancôme Holiday 2010 L’Wren capsule collection. It collectively combines and colour co-ordinates each must have make-up product.
I met with De Mey to get a few words behind the new collection and to find out his top make-up tips. He looks every inch as dapper and as glam as I pre-empted from photographs I’ve seen backstage on Vogue.com. De Mey, originally from New Zealand studied a Fine Art course in Auckland. De Mey went on to dabble in make-up there, before he pursued it as a career in New York. Since then his talented hands have made up the faces of the celebrity elite as well as the models that walk the runway for the world’s greatest designers, including L’Wren. Each year De Mey creates new cosmetics to showcase on L’Wren’s runway. During our meeting, it is here that De Mey points out the time it takes to create a new cosmetic. A mascara or a lipstick can take up to two years. The Le Gris L’Wren nail varnish in the Christmas collection’s colour was taken from a dress in L’Wren’s collection and took a year to create. As we settled in to a group Q&A with fellow bloggers, smokey eyes appeared to be the first topic of conversation, which stemmed from the gorgeous eyes of Daria Werbowy, the gorgeous model who fronts the campaign for Lancôme’s Holiday 2010 L’Wren Collection. From previous blogs my love for smokey eyes is already apparent and I listened intently. De May took us on a step-by-step guide, beginning with the pencil outlining around the eye. Take the pencil and draw a line across the tip of your lid where your lashes begin and then the same on the bottom of your eye where your lashes begin. Depending on how small you would like your eye to appear, De May suggests you line both your top and bottom inner lines on your eye. Tip: If you would like to make your eyes still appear big do not use any liner inside the eye. Then take a highlighter and a highlighter brush to colour your brow bone and the inner corners of your eye (next to your nose). Colour your eye lids and with a light shade of brown or black, depending on the type of smokey eyes you are going for and then shade the crease of your eyes heavier. Shade your black liner over and under the line with eye shadow to cement the colour and you have your sophisticated smoked look. One thing De May did advise is to complete your smokey eye look pre-concealer as there will be fall off e.g. the black specs of eye shadow on your cheeks. Take a Q-tip and some moisturiser to remove the fall off and then complete the rest of your look as you normally would. The Lancôme Ombre Absolue Palette Quad in Les Gris L’Wren has all the colours you need to perfect the smokey eyes.
De Mey moved on to speaking about how he liked to multi-task with products, from using a clean mascara brush to comb, moisturize and condition the eye brows, to manipulating more colours out of a small palette by watering a brush to create an opaque colour. He also mentioned his dislike for foundation. Rather than use a foundation which will colour over the entire face, use concealer only where it is needed. Specific areas of the face include the creases at the bottom of your nose where redness can often appear. Once you have concealed any blemishes or redness you have, take an iridescent powder across your face which will draw the light to the cheek bones. De May believes that illuminating products are the future of make-up. The Lancôme Holiday 2010 L’Wren collection, although small hosts gorgeous reds and greys, perfect for Christmas! After all would you not prefer quality rather than quantity? The collection is available in stores nationwide, including Selfridges where our Q&A was held.

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