Theatre: From New York To London With Humour

Review: Last Monday saw the transfer of one of New York’s critically acclaimed off-Broadway shows to London with a short run at the Edinburgh Festival in between. A show called Celebrity Autobiography to be exact. A hilarious comedy, which derives its humour from the delivery of a script. Personally, I love a good comedy show, and I heart Michael Urie who played Marc in the US hit show, Ugly Betty. Yes, it was a hit show, so why did the series get cancelled?? So it was pretty much sealed that I would see it.

Celebrity memoirs are renowned for outing the scandalous lives of celebrities and this show takes the most random excerpts from books and places emphasis on the stupidity of the lines. Comedians in the show included Michael Urie, Sally Philips, James Lance and creator and actor Eugene Pack to name a few.

Highlights included Urie’s sarcastic, yet upbeat delivery of a chapter from David Hasselhoff’s book, Philips rather polite and nonchalant delivery of an excerpt from Madonna’s book, Sex, which could be quite frankly misinterpreted for sexual assault on a minor. Pack’s delivery of Tiger Woods autobiography, literally playing on his recent adultery allegations and the delivery from four of the comedians rein-acting the Hollywood quadrangle between Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds, Richard Burton and Eddie Fisher.

Once the show finished I made a beeline for Michael Urie and asked him about how the audience’s reactions have differed from here to across the pond. Apparently in New York, they (the audience) are drunk. The Edinburgh festival went down really well but as for London, time will tell. Urie also expressed his sadness for the demise of Ugly Betty, as did I to him and he explained how he loves being back on stage, and that filming Ugly Betty always felt like being on stage. I fell in love with him a little bit more on our meeting. I also snuck a few words with the lovely Sally Philips, (her character in Bridget Jones was a legend, even with the cocaine mishap). Philips was introduced to the show through her recently established working-relationship with Urie. The best news of the night, there is hope still for Bridget Jones fans as there is a script for a third film currently being penned. Excellent news and an excellent show.

The show runs in London on every second Monday evening in the month until 10th January 2011. To book tickets visit:

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