And they said romance was dead ...

Following the recession that is my love life right now I found a couple of European premiere tickets to see Valentine's Day last night at my feet. I'm not a hopeless romantic but I do believe in love and romance so seeing a well put together chick flick is my idea of quite a fun evening. So I dragged my best buddy Eve to see the film at the temporarily pink and heart decorated Odeon, Leicester Square (how appropriate). The cast is impressive, and I was delighted to be sat three rows back from where Ashton, Topher, Emma and 'the Alba' were standing. A little truth for you all - Alba is a true beauty in the flesh. That aside, the film was easy to watch, humorous, romantic, heart breaking and most of all restored my faith in Jessica Beil. Her amazing figure and witty character made the flick that little bit funnier and let's not forget the eye candy. Bradley, Patrick, Topher, Ashton and Taylor anyone? A great addition to the few good chick flicks released these days, you know what I mean, the last time I left the cinema in a happy go lucky spirit from a romantic comedy was a year ago this month after I watched 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' a film that brought my own problems to light. The only pitfall to the evening, during my friend's bathroom stop, post film I found myself stood with a certain uber-skinny blonde songstress with amazing hair. Note to self: Must go to the gym.

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