Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Kiehl's Edit

Starting fresh in a new country isn't easy, especially when you have spent the last six months travelling the world and living with only 1% of the beauty products you are used to. Easing my way into the Aussie beauty regime, I am starting with some staples from an international brand I absolutely adore; Kiehl's.

I came across Kiehl's beauty products at a launch I went to five years ago having been gifted with a wonderful bottle of Creme de Corps and a tub of Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Deeply Repairative Hair Pak. Naturally, as I get extremely excited by any beauty related product, both the 500ml bottle of moisturiser and the hair mask didn't last long. 
Creme de Corps is an incredible moisturiser that contains three key ingredients; beta-carotene (a naturally derived antioxidant found in certain veggies like carrots obtained from Vitamin A production), sesame oil (a moisturising oil that comes from sesame seeds) and cocoa butter (a fat that is extracted from the seeds of the cocoa plant). After a thorough all over body application, you immediately feel like your skin has had an instant drink - it leaves it feeling soft with a natural glow and it even cleared up any blemishes I had experienced. Applying the cream became a daily ritual for me and I am once again reunited and in love.
My investment in the Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner stemmed from my experience using the Repairative Hair Pak which I'd apply to my tresses once a week whilst having a hot bath. The wet hair combing experience was completely pain free as the ingredients help with detangling and once my hair was dry it had never felt so good. Based on that and the fact that my hair has been through an immense increase of sun exposure (shocking having grown up in sunny England) I took up daily use of the shampoo and conditioner combo and am pleased to report back that they are wonderful and compliment each other well.
The shampoo and conditioner are also made up from three key ingredients - olive fruit oil (an oil that contains a lot of healthy monosaturated fatty acids, as well as the antioxidant Vitamin E), avocado oil (famous for being the most moisturising of any fruit, rich in fatty-acid emollient and it's a natural source of vitamins A, D and E, potassium and amino acid proteins) and lemon extract (contains an astringent and antiseptic quality that freshens, stimulates and rejuvenates, adding a shine to the hair. Lemon is also the fruit that has the most vitamin C). Designed to rehydrate damaged hair from excessive heat styling, sun exposure and chemical processing, it is meant to leave it feeling stronger and silky smooth. I can vouch that for me it has done just what it says on the tin - I can definitely notice a big difference in my locks, although being a tad over enthusiastic I may have started off using too much conditioner in the scalp which isn't required. A minimal amount at the top and a generous amount at the ends where split ends and dryness can occur is ideal. That goes for my hair anyway but everyone who gives this a go can test what works best for them.
In Australia Creme de Corps, the Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo and the Conditioner are all priced at $30 for the 250ml size. Keihl's products are available around most of the world, prices vary. Visit the Global site here for further details and stockist info.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Claypots Evening Star In Melbourne Reviewed

As a newbie to Australia, currently Melbourne, I am making it my goal to find the best eateries in the area and the Claypots Evening Star has just hit top of my list of favourites, so far.

Nestled on a corner of the infamous South Melbourne Market, you can find this cosy European style institution, filled with all the divine seafood you can imagine, from delectable oysters to fresh lobster tails. As a huge fan of all venues that serve oysters and bubbles, I had to order them as my dish of the day and I can certainly vouch that they were incredible and really good value. Coffin Bay Oysters are just $1 each, served natural, with lemon and Tabasco or Kilpatrick Oysters with Free Range Bacon are $3 individually. To quench the inevitable thirst I ordered Prosecco but their wine and cocktail list is extensive so you will be spoilt for choice.
I have yet to sample everything on the menu but after watching locals order the Clams in Spanish Fino and Garlic ($12), Mussels ($15) and the Crab with Tamarind & Ginger ($20) I will definitely be returning. What's more, their sister restaurant Claypots Seafood Bar, is located just 10 minutes (in an Uber) down the road in St Kilda. I hear from word-of-mouth that it's just as good and it will be next on my list.

An ideal venue for a market shop snack, a day time bite with the ladies accompanied by bubbles, an afterwork drink or a date.

Visit Claypots Evening Star at South Melbourne Market, Shop 101, 116-136 Cecil Street, South Melbourne, Vic, 3205. Tel: (03) 9645 5779. Website link here.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Guest Edit by Soph - Beagle in London Reviewed

Beagle restaurant is named after one of the old steam trains that ran on the original East London line in the early 20th Century. Sitting under the railway arches of Hoxton Overground, it’s has been on my 'to eat' list for some months.
We visited for an early lunch with the option of sitting alfresco in the spacious outdoor seating area or inside in the Manhattan loft style space, all exposed brick, brushed steel lights and floors created from railway sleepers. We opted for the safety of indoors, it’s very in-keeping with the theme after all. The menu changes daily and at first glance I was a little overwhelmed, having to use Google to translate often makes me a tad uneasy, but the food more than made up for the effort required to decipher the menu.

I choose the hake which came with cauliflower, leeks and romesco. Simple, delicious, rustic and sizeable too. My fellow diner preferred the more hearty meatball option, which whilst not as generous was equally as tasty, rich with a Mediterranean flavour.
Impressed with the mains we opted for dessert. The treacle tart was a tad too dry for my liking, what can I say, I like a gooey middle, but the milk ice cream accompaniment complimented and softened the dish. The other sweet was a creamy but light panna cotta with poached Yorkshire rhubarb and eeh by gum, it was good.
The meal was all washed down with prosecco in saucer style glasses, just the ticket. Trains rumbling over head, the chatter from the staff in the open kitchen and the smooth Sunday tunes made this East End hang out feel atmospheric and relaxed. They’re certainly on the right track here, well worth getting off at the station for this one. Starters are priced at around £6-£7, mains are roughly between £12 and £17 and then deserts are between £5 and £8.

Address: 397-400 Geffrye Street, London E2

What to Expect from Hobbs & NW3 for A/W 14

Hobbs A/W 14 collection really sets the bar high by exploring a newfound pragmatism inspired by the way modern women dress today.
Think digital floral prints, tweed and laminated tweed (I love tweed), gorgeous wools, guipure lace and beautiful sheepskin. Bags and footwear are formal, smart and chic. I want everything, especially the tweed pencil skirt. Here is a sneak peak:
As well as Hobbs own collection, I am a really big fan of their NW3 range. Over the past few seasons they have really stepped up their game and can now hold their own in the chic and stylish stakes. This season does not disappoint. Seeing the tomboy look emerge as the new heroine of NW3, enjoy pretty dresses, dressed down with a super cool shearling aviator jacket or a mannish pea coat. Peter-pan collar paisley dresses, chic boxy plaid jackets and embroided floral shifts give a nod to the 1960's fashions. My personal favourites include the black leather pleated skirt and the dress directly below my wording which matches perfectly with the black pointed leather flats. In fact scratch that, I want it ALL. Take a further look down the page for more chic treats:

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight Edition

Marc Jacobs is one of my favourite designers. The Marc by Marc Jacobs clothing collections always excite me, I adore his leather goods and I LOVE his fragrances so I jumped at the chance of reviewing the recently launched Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight Edition EDT.
Picture a huge bouquet of freshly-picked florals and now imagine the scent, if you're thinking charming, pretty, spirited and feminine then you're exactly right - this sums up the new fragrance in a nutshell. Launching as a limited edition fragrance with the Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight Eau So Fresh, they are both vibrant expressions of the original Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh signature fragrances that launched back in 2007. A throwback or homage if you please.  
Daisy Delight (created by perfumer Frank Volkl) contains top notes of apple, quince flower and freesia, heart notes of iris, gardenia and peony and then base notes of musks, cedarwood and sandalwood and really blooms as soon as it hits your skin. While the Daisy Delight Eau So Fresh (also created by perfumer Frank Volkl) fragrance is a little more fruity and exotic with top notes of blood orange, pink pepper and white tea, heart notes of tiare Tahiti, violet and raspberry and then base notes of apricot skin, musk and amber.  
The Daisy fragrance line has become one of the most iconic lines in perfume history in terms of both scent and the beautifully designed bottles. Should you not already be a fan of the many Daisy fragrances then this a great introduction and something I would highly recommend if these types of notes entice you into fragrance purchasing. After wearing the Daisy Delight fragrance for an hour, I had clocked up several compliments and was feeling pretty pleased with myself and my fragrance choice.
Daisy Marc Jacobs Delight Edition is available as a 50ml eau de toilette and the Daisy Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Delight Edition is available as a 75ml eau de toilette.

Cocktails for Consideration

To celebrate this years Chelsea Flower Show in London (20th - 24th May) some of Chelsea's best venues have created exclusive floral inspired cocktails. I wanted to share the best of these for those looking to sip on something stylish during thier visit to the flower show...
At Barts (one of London's first ever speakeasy style bars) which is located a stones throw away from the show location they are launching The Chinese Lantern cocktail. This dreamy concoction contains a heady blend of home-made hibiscus flower and rose jam which is infused by Tanqueray Malacca, apple juice, lime juice, egg white and sugar syrup and will be served in a Chinese lantern filled with violet essence.

At Chelsea's Honky Tonk they have released their inner hippy and flower power by creating the Madison Square Garden cocktail. A concoction that features bulldog gin, elderflower martini with edible flowers floating around the glass.
The location details:
Barts can be found at Chelsea Cloisters, 87 Sloane Avenue, London, SW3 3DW 
Honky Tonk is located at 6 Hollywood Road, London, SW10 9HY

Monday, 12 May 2014

Diptyque's New Scents for Summer


Adding to its glorious Les Florales collection, legendary French perfumer Diptyque launches two new fragrances this month; Geranium Odorata and Eau de Lavande.
The Geranium Odorata takes two essences from two different origins and blends them, the African Geranium from Egypt and the Bourbon Geranium from Reunion Island to create one very beautiful, lively and crisp floral scent. Notes including Bergamot, green cardamom, Tonka bean and pink pepper-corns, together with Haitian vetiver. SO pretty.
Then Eau de Lavande blends three different French lavenders – Provencal, Vaucluse and Valansole which combined form a striking scent that magnifies the beauty of the classic lavender smell. Other notes include coriander seeds, nutmeg and cinnamon and the result is a very warm and delicate scent.
Both Diptyque’s Geranium Odorata and Eau de Lavande are available in 100ml at the price of £65 and in 20ml priced at £32. Visit Diptyque online to invest.
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